Gamakatsu G-Case 7000 – Take It All, Fish It All

One of the struggles fishermen deal with no matter what kind of fishing you do is the desire or need to carry lots of tackle on a trip while keeping it organized and all in one place.

Gamakatsu has developed the new G-Case 7000, built to make tackle storage and function a cinch.

Most know Gamakatsu as the makers of premium quality fish hooks that are tailored to specific fisheries all over the world.  What you may just be realizing is that Gamakatsu also offers many new lines of tackle storage options, fishing accessories, fishing tools, and terminal tackle.

One game-changer is the new G-Case 7000, a durable hard-cased tackle box that is compatible with their variety of G-Boxes, designed to organize your tackle the way you like it.  Not just another tackle box, the G-Case 7000 has a very sturdy handle and a lid that opens from either side for ease of use and flexibility.

Gamakatsu G-Case 7000

Inside of the G-Case 7000, you will find and open, sliding tray for unwieldy leader spools, tools, and other miscellaneous fishing accessories.  Below that, you can fit more bulky items or develop your own configuration of G-Boxes to match your fishing style.

Gamakatsu G-Box
G-Boxes come in a variety of configurations.

The G-Box 7000 offers several optional accessories like the rod holder pictured above. The G Case 7000 has three different positions on either side to attach the optional rod stand. A simple mounting bracket makes a firm connection, transforming the case into a rod holder with a permanent locking mechanism. The rod stand offers rod height adjustments to hold a variety of rod types. In addition, the rod stand features an adjustable foot, making it a sturdy base for the G-Case.

Gamakatsu G-Case 7000

Another great option that can be added to the side of the G-Case 7000 is the Jig Compartment.  This open-ended lure holder allows anglers to keep their favorite lures at the ready.  It also creates a great spot to store lures and irons that are salty until they can be rinsed, dried, and placed back in their G-Boxes.

This added storage option creates quick access to tackle when the surface erupts with foamers and time is of the essence.

Gamakatsu G-Case 7000

Throw in the additional shoulder strap option and you will find you have everything you need and more for any type of fishing.  Whether you are fishing your rig, riding with a friend, or hitting the sportboat scene; now you can take it all with you!

Visit the Gamakatsu website for more information on the G-Case 7000 or many other great fishing accessories.

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