VMC Hooks Coastal Black & A Glimpse At Hook Making

With over two centuries of experience, the innovative craftsmanship of VMC design show in every product. Forged from the finest grades of Hi Carbon and Vanadium® Steel with cutting edge point technology and advanced designs that incorporate input from pro anglers across the country and around the world result in hooks with faster penetration and less thrown hooks.

VMC fishing hooks are designed for one thing, and one thing only—increasing hookups.

VMC hooks help you put more fish in the boat with constant innovations, like their unique tempering process and our groundbreaking Spark Point technology.  VMC has a fishing hook made expertly and precisely for every fishing scene, whether you’re hunting big game fish offshore or pulling out bass from the local pond; looking for a weedless hook for heavy cover or a circle hook for catch and release. Choose from All-Purpose, Bass, Circle Hooks, Hook Kits, Live Bait, Saltwater, and Treble.

VMC Coastal Black

VMC has created a micro-thin black finish that lasts 3 to 5 times longer than traditional black finishes on the market.  The VMC Coastal Black is a unique blend of materials that produce an innovative hook coating for extreme corrosion resistance.  The VMC hooks also undergo a premium hook finishing process for incredible sharpness and maximum strength.

If you saltwater fish, then you’ve dealt with rusty or corroding tackle.  Salty elements can ruin your hook in no time, but the Coastal Black finish is your best defense against the elements.

Award-winning hooks for every style of fishing, many with first-to-market features, plus rigs, jigs and terminal tackle second to none.

Check out the VMC website to find the VMC hook that improves your fishing style.

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