Swapping Terminal Tackle on Lures and Jigs

Fishing is a sport in which we, as anglers, can never cease to stop learning and adapting. As advancements in bait styles and techniques continuously evolve, we’ve all found certain baits and presentations that have made their way into the forefront of our repertoire. Whether we are chasing foamers of tuna, breezing yellowtail, or giant bluefin in the dark, everyone has a favorite bait in which they place their confidence to get a bite. Oftentimes, the best hardbait, lure, or knife jig that we choose to fish for our target species leaves room to be beefed up with terminal tackle to ensure that we won’t experience any tackle failures from the time the fish is hooked until it is landed and in the boat.

Frequently overlooked, split rings are an integral part of any bait. With the amount of pressure we are able to put on fish nowadays with modern-day tackle, more anglers have become victims of split ring failures than we’d like to admit. While we may be responsible for part of the blame, as we head offshore with small baits targeting heavy-hitting trophy fish, we could easily remedy any issues by spending a few minutes prior to the trip swapping out terminal tackle. Even when we are armed with baits built to withstand the pulling power of large pelagics, it’s never a bad idea to either upgrade the stock terminal tackle or swap it out after landing a couple of fish.

Swapping out you terminal tackle throughout the season can make all the difference in landing that next fish

American-made Rosco Split Rings are a great option for anglers looking to upgrade or swap out terminal tackle on their baits. Made using the highest quality stainless steel, these split rings are extremely durable and perfect for attaching ultra-strong hooks to any lure. Upgrading split rings, among other terminal tackle, gives the angler both peace of mind and confidence that tackle failure within the bait will not be a factor during the fight.

For bigger poppers, we like to use American-Made Rosco Split Rings rated 150lbs or heavier and Owner ST-66 4X strong treble hooks

Rosco manufactures its split rings in an extremely wide range of sizes and diameters, meaning that everyone from bass anglers to tuna anglers has options that would be ideal for their fishery. The split rings are also available in both stainless steel and black finishes that anglers can choose from based on their color preference.

Here in Southern California, we’ve found ourselves “matching the hatch” by fishing smaller and smaller baits offshore while chasing foaming tuna. Although some of these baits may not be designed to target tuna, a quick and easy upgrade of the split rings and hooks can make them battle-ready.

Additionally, the evolution of our nighttime fishery has introduced a wide arsenal of slow-pitch and knife jigs into the game. These jigs can easily withstand big tuna, but when they are sold unrigged or with questionably light hooks and rings, it’s better to be safe than sorry and be prepared with upgraded split rings and specialty hooks for when the boat gets on top of schools of trophy size fish.

While we may not like to admit it, we’ve all experienced failure on the water at one point or another. However, failure is an opportunity to learn and be better prepared for the next go-around. As fishermen, we aim to capitalize on all of our opportunities. So, grab your favorite baits, split-ring pliers, Rosco split rings, ultra-strong hooks and get ready for your next fishing trip.

About Rome Specialty Company, Inc.

Rome Specialty Company, Inc. has been manufacturing terminal fishing tackle in Rome, NY since 1926. From its inception, ROSCO swivels principal products have been sport and commercial fishing swivels, snaps, sleeves, and rings. Our products are made out of either brass or stainless steel and can be plated in nickel or oxidized in black. We are the oldest and largest manufacturer of terminal fishing tackle and lure components in the United States.