New Sampo Terminal Tackle – Make Fishing Connections A Snap

There are many ways to connect a line or leader to your lures and bait leaders.  Standard snap swivels have been the go-to for years and one of the best-made versions was a Sampo or Rosco swivel.  Sampo has been a leader in the industry for many years and their swivels of all types have been trusted by anglers all over the world.  Now under one umbrella, Sampo and Rosco are part of the Rome Specialty Company, Inc. who has been in the tackle and outdoor products market for many, many years.

All of these products are American Made and created to withstand the rigors of all types of fishing.

As time marches on, tackle and techniques are constantly evolving in the fishing world.  New fishing products are being created all the time to make the task at hand easier, quicker and more reliable.  Sampo has also been busy creating new types of swivels in a variety of sizes and finishes that will benefit anglers across a wide range of fishing applications.

The “Oh Snap” Swivel

One of the most recent additions to the Sampo swivel line up is the “Oh Snap” swivel.  Designed to be a very sturdy connection with a unique “wind on” snap.  This design allows leader loops and lures to be wound onto the swivel without having to undo a snap. This may not seem like a huge benefit at first glance, but when you are having to change baits repeatedly throughout the day and often with water-logged fingers, you will fully appreciate the fact that you don’t have to open and close a traditional snap.

“Of course this can be used as the connection between your wind-on leader or mainline and a bait leader in lieu of a regular snap swivel,” said Capt. Scott Goodwin.  “But I also think it will become widely used for the many connections when fishing a dredge teaser or daisy chain.

dredge teaser

Teaser baits get changed out often and there could be up to 36 baits or more on a dredge.  Having a quick connect and quality swivel built into one piece of terminal tackle will be a huge benefit.”

The “Oh Snap” swivel features a ball bearing swivel with a welded ring and the easy to use, wind-on snap.  They come in either a nickel or black finishes and are offered in two sizes at this time; 60# or 135#.

The Rosco “EZ Clip”

Another great little piece of hardware that can make a huge difference in an angler’s ability to change lures quickly is the Rosco EZ Clip.  A single tie to one end of the clip makes changing lures quickly a cinch.  Say you want to keep changing lures in search of the preferred color on any given day.  The EZ Clip allows a lure to be attached and removed in a simple maneuver.  The EZ Clips come in a variety of finishes and sizes to match your type of fishing.

Saltwater anglers will be happy to learn that the clips are made of stainless steel.  Test strengths include 25, 50, 75, 125 and 175-pounds. The clips are available in stainless steel or black oxide finishes.

An added benefit to fishing with the EZ Clip is the increased flexibility at the face of the lure which translates into freedom movement for added action.  Topwater and jerk baits benefit greatly from this freedom of movement and can entice more strikes.

Check out the Sampo Swivel website for these and more great fishing products.