Plano Z-Series Tackle Bags – A Zipperless Connection To More Fish

The new Plano Z-Series Tackle System fits everything from Long Range to Local.

tackle bagsThe new Z-Series tackle organization system from Plano solves one big problem with zipperless construction and provides a complete solution to organizing lures, hooks, weights and rigging for anglers who thrive on facing the challenges of saltwater fishing.

rail rodsAnglers who know to pull hard and land giant tuna don’t hurt their back getting the job done. Hauling around tackle and gear, well that can be another story. While a giant, water-resistant box seems ideal for maximizing tackle availability during multi-day trips, storage space on boats for the heavy behemoths is at a premium or nonexistent. Plus, getting the box from home to the boat requires the build of a professional furniture mover to keep your spine intact for the true job – catching fish.

big fishA tip from a chiropractor who has multiple 300-pounders to his credit was as simple as this – break your gear down into multiple bags and boxes to keep the load manageable.

Save 40-pounds or more of upward lift for the drag setting on your big game reel.

tackle bagsSoft tackle systems are far from new, yet up until now they all shared the same design problem – a zipper (or more). Even the most robust zipper components will eventually fail under the duress of saltwater corrosion and invasion.

Plano’s new Z-Series bags are zipperless, constructed with a splash resistant system of gussets, cinch cord, overlaps, buckles and hook-and-loop closures all surrounded by a durable high-performance TPE-coated waterproof fabric.

To help break down your tackle into organized bundles, the Z-Series comes in several styles and sizes.

tackle bagsThe Z-Series Tackle Bag 3700 and Z-Series Tackle Bag 3600 are literally the “base” component of the system, incorporating Plano-exclusive Utili-Tackle Rail System’s molded, waterproof base to support the zipperless construction of the Z-Series. Besides being skidproof and waterproof, the base has multiple attachment options for securing to a deck, tackle rack or kayak.

The The Z-Series 3700 (L=22in. x W=13in. x H=13in.) is so named because it fits five (5) Plano 3700 Stowaway Utility Boxes and the boxes are included. The Z-Series 3600 holds five (5) 3600 Stowaways, which are also included.

Each Z-Series Tackle Bag comes with a gusseted top that closes neatly and securely with buckles, two side pockets with secure closures, and front and back mesh slip pockets with hook-and-loop closures.

That’s a lot of tackle storage, although it’s possible to see a need for both on an extended offshore trip.

tackle bagsWait! Yet another attractive option in Plano’s zipperless lineup is the the Z-Series Tackle Backpack (3700). Quick, raise your hands. Still only a maximum of two?

The allure of a tackle backpack is as obvious as a bite on the kite.

tackle bagsWhile the idea is not new (heck it’s a rare sight to see someone get on a boat without one), the design of the Z-Series Tackle Backpack is the best to date and a great option for offshore anlgers who move from boat to boat, whether a multi-day vessel, yacht, skiff or Baja panga.

Plano’s Tackle Backpack features an exterior made of tough TPE-coated waterproof fabric. The comfortable adjustable shoulder straps feature one mesh slip pocket and one tool holder. A cinch-cord top provides complete closure of the main compartment, which is further secured by buckles and a hook-and-loop closure. One additional tool holder and one additional pocket are found beneath the front flap

A wrap-style front pocket secured by buckles and hook-and-loop provides quick, see-through access to its contents, while two exterior side pockets that secure with buckles provide both organization and quick access.

That’s an important point: Z-Series zipperless bags offer quicker access than the old zippered bags. And in the case of the Z-Series Tackle Backpack (L=15in. x W=8in. x H=15in.) you have access to four (4) Plano 3600 Stowaway Utility Boxes that are included.

tackle bagsIntrinsic to these bags is the ability to swap out Stowaway boxes to best meet the needs of the conditions and fishing you expect to meet on your next trip – and still have room to pack for the unexpected!

tackle bagsTo handle oversize lures and other bulky or over-sized fishing items, the Z-Series Wrap rounds out Plano’s newest saltwater tackle storage offering. The Z-Series Wrap comes with six 6” x 14.75” clear compartments wrapped up in the same high-performance TPE-coated waterproof fabric as the other zipperless Z-Series tackle bags.

Featuring a pack-and-roll zipperless design secured by hook-and-loop closures, the Z-Series Wrap quickly unfolds to reveal essential trolling and rigging gear. A sturdy handle and HDPE D-rings make it easy to carry and secure the Z-Series Wrap (L=43.25in. x W=0.25in. x H=16in.)

z-series plano tackle bags
All of the Plano Z-Series bags come in the Kryptek Raid pattern.

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