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Rainshadow Rod Blanks – Where Tradition Meets Technology

Rainshadow rod blanks may be headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, but they definitely have some SoCal in their blood. All it takes is just a few minutes pulling on some of their saltwater blanks and you can see the Southern California influence.

rainshadow blanksThe folks at Rainshadow only make rod blanks and they do it well. While you may need your favorite rod wrapper to help you complete a custom rod, you’re sure to get exactly what you want.

rod blueprints

The experts at Rainshadow have made it even easier with their blueprints for rod builds and a list of recommended builders to custom build to your needs and desires.

The rods feature many of the same familiar blank numbers, tapers and bends that we all grew up loving.

While the styles may be familiar to the old school SoCal scene, the new age technology is a welcome addition.

rainshadow blank

Rainshadow Blanks

  • Modern Blend of RX6 Graphite/E-Glass
    • E-Glass Pattern with RX6 Graphite Added to the Bottom ½ of the Blank for Lighter Weight, Increased Sensitivity, Slimmer Rear Profile, and Greater Lifting Power
    • E-Glass Tip for Extra Fast Action and High Strength
    • Perfect Live Bait and Saltwater Blanks
    • Stunning Gloss Black Finish
    • Beautiful Titanium Chrome Finish
    • Striking Clear Gloss Finish
    • Subtle Matte Gray Finish
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The first thing you’ll notice when you pick up a Rainshadow is how light it is!

The profile of the rod is very similar to their old school counter parts, but they are much lighter, have more backbone and increased sensitivity. These rods all use modern the latest technology in graphite, EGlass and fiberglass to bring you a superior product compared to the good ole’ days.

custom rods - Rainshadow rod

Rainshadow offered us up a RCLB80M blank to take for a test drive. We had our good buddy Bill Havens at SaltyDawg Custom Rods wrap the rod for us with some of the latest accessories from ALPS.

alps forecast

The finished product not only looked great but it was feather light with a solid backbone for pulling on some of these better El Nino-size fish we have been catching.

Rainshadow blank - Rainshadow rod

We matched our new rod with a Talica 12 reel from Shimano. After several trips fishing our local waters for tuna and yellows, we all agreed the rod was perfect for our local waters. The RCLB80M had just enough “tip” to allow us to cast a sardine and still had plenty of backbone for pulling on the bigger 30-40-pound class fish that we have been blessed with this season.

If you’re looking for a new stick for your quiver, give Rainshadow a look.

They make a full line of custom rod blanks for salt, fresh and fly applications. Learn more at: