Rainshadow blanks

Rainshadow Blanks Spotlight From Batson Enterprises – Crankbait Rods

RainShadow Blank Review

crankbait rodsTime for a spotlight on another RainShadow blank rod, this time on The Judge series of Crankbait blanks that Batson came out with a few years ago. 18-months in development, the Rainshadow design team pulled out all the stops to create the best possible crankbait blank.n

crankbait rodsThese rod blanks are manufactured in the USA, featuring our own proprietary blend of custom-formulated S-Glass in the tip, RX7 graphite and our exclusive state-of-the-art Diamond Poly Helix carbon wrap in the butt section for increased lifting power.

The search for the ultimate crankbait rod starts with The Judge CB blank.

Rainshadow blanks

Photo Credit: Erik Landesfeind

Check out all the specs at on the Rainshadow website.  Learn more about Batson Enterprise’s Rainshadow blanks and Alp’s components on BD.