Slow Pitch Jigging Techniques

Slow Pitch Jigging is one of the hottest trends to hit the offshore fishing scene. Ali Hussainy of Local Knowledge Fishing Show breaks down his approach for a lightweight slow pitch jigging combo and the lures, jigs, and techniques.

slow pitch jigging

Using a lighter rod and reel like the new Fathom reels from PENN and a smaller, fluttering jig that is designed to dance at a slower pace, make slow pitch jigging an exciting technique to have success on a variety of species.  East Coast anglers have been putting a wide variety of grouper, snapper, jacks, and tilefish in the boat using this specific technique.  Jigging is very useful for tapping fish in the deep where they received less fishing pressure in the past.  Now with thin braided lines, super-strong yet light rods, and souped-up reels with sturdy gearing to take the punishment, a variety of jigging techniques are rapidly evolving.

slow pitch jigging

The jigs are evolving just as quickly and Nomad Tackle lures have tons of experience building jigs built to both attract the bite and withstand the forces of big fish.

PENN reels

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