Shimano Tranx – A Dream Outfit For SoCal Inshore Anglers

Shimano TranxCoastal inshore fishing on the West Coast calls for a reel that is tough enough to throw large lures for inshore species such as calico bass, barracuda, and yellowtail, but light enough to cast it all day. The Shimano Tranx 300 baitcast-style reel was created with this in mind.

Shimano Tranx

Shimano Pro Capt. Ben Florentino

The Tranx features Shimano’s strong and durable HAGANE body, X-Ship bearings supporting the pinion gear, and Shimano’s High Efficiency Gearing (HEG). For further durability, Shimano adds its CoreProtect technology to provide corrosion resistance against the brutal effects of the saltwater environment.

teramar rodPair the Tranx 300 with the Teramar WC Inshore rod for the peak of balance, feel, and power. The Teramar WC is built using an 8-foot TC4 blank covered with Shimano’s “Techtape” outer wrap, which shields the carbon blank fibers from impact damage. The resulting rod has the length for long casts and the sensitivity to feel subtle bites, but it still has the backbone for that moment of truth.

SoCal InshoreThe Tranx series now comes in 200, 300, 400 and 500 sizes, making for a great all-day casting outfit with the guts to torque a big one out of the kelp or rocks. The combination of the Tranx reel and the Teramar WC Inshore rod will be your go-to inshore outfit for Southern California and beyond.

To round out this fantastic outfit, fill the Tranx with PowerPro Maxcuatro braided line in 40# to 50# for calico bass and yellowtail or 20# to 30# for rockfish. Maxcuatro is 25% thinner for the equivalent strength of standard PowerPro lines, so you can load more line on the spool or jump up in strength without sacrificing capacity. Maxcuatro maximizes your casting distance and fishing performance.

While this combo will work great with just about any type of inshore jig or lure, the Tranx 300 and Teramar WC Inshore rod are designed to make the most of the Waxwing lure series. The Shimano Waxwing saltwater lure can be fished much like a traditional west coast-style surface iron, but the Waxwing takes sub-surface swimming to a new level with its random darting action. As expected, the classic colors like Bone and Mint are top producers in these next-generation jigs.
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