Fishing The Roddy R2S Two Speed Spinning Reel

Speed Spinning Reel for fishing Master Fishing Tackle Corp. has been in the tackle business and building rods and reels for over a half-century. They are now bringing to market the Roddy R2S spinning reel that will fit well into any angler’s arsenal.

Traditionally, spinning reels have flourished on the East Coast while remaining relatively overlooked by West Coast anglers. But the times are a-changin’ as the capacities and capabilities of modern spinning tackle are expanded. The benefit is easy, long-distance casting with lightweight baits and lures, and look out if you’re throwing something heavy, as it will go “a mile.”

master tackle Speed Spinning Reel for fishing New to the world of spinning reels is the concept of having a two-speed option, where the angler can shift from a high to low gear ratio depending on their angling situation.

Pat Schlauch of Master Fishing Tackle says, “Shifting a spinning reel is not so much about changing the amount of torque during the fight, though it will help, as much as it is about the application on the front end. What I mean is that a bass fisherman working a worm or other slower presentation can use low speed gear ratio to match their style of fishing. Said bass angler can tie on a spinnerbait, shift to high speed and burn it back to the boat as needed.  Offshore anglers with a larger R2S model can sling a tuna popper forever and crank it back in high gear to trigger that ferocious bite. This will be a great asset for fishermen and they will discover many other ways to benefit from this new design.”

Roddy Speed Spinning Reels for fishing Captain Scott Goodwin said, “I’ve been carrying the new R2S spinner on my trips since their introduction at the Fred Hall Shows this spring.  I’ve caught a variety of fish including sand bass, dolphin/dorado and jacks.  The reels have performed well and are a great spinning reel option with a budget-friendly price point.  I look forward to testing it on a really big fish.”

Roddy R2S spinning reel seriesThe Roddy R2S spinning reel series will start off with five different size classes, ranging from the R2S20, an 8 to 12# class reel, to the R2S80, which holds 300 yards of 80#.

Roddy R2S Features

  • New Quick-Select 2-Speed System
  • 10+1 stainless steel ball bearings
  • adjustable graphite drag system
  • stainless steel shaft
  • dual bearing-supported pinion gear
  • machined aluminum handle with comfort grip knob

budget-friendly reels  The Roddy R2S series also comes with a very budget-friendly M.S.R.P., starting at $120 for the R2S20 and ranging to $150 for the R2S80. These reels are built to take the punishment from both fresh and saltwater gamefish and will go hand in hand with the bluefin fishery that exploded on the West Coast the last few years. Slinging poppers or baits to boat-shy tuna will be easy with the new Roddy R2S spinners, and the ability to match your retrieval speeds to your lure and presentation will be a key advantage.

Check out the Roddy R2S on their website for more information.

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