DAIWA Saltiga Lever Drag 60 review and more

It’s no secret that in Southern California our fishery is pretty specialized.  As anglers on the West Coast, we have an approach that’s our own. I’ve seen it time and again when I get on Sportboat trips, you have anglers traveling from around the world with their interpretation of So Cal gear and it tends to look nothing like what the local anglers are equipped with.

Thankfully, Daiwa has been paying close attention to what we as an angling community have identified as our preferences and have really stepped up to the plate and developed some great gear to suit our needs.

While their line of products has something for all for the anglers, for those looking to tackle some of our bigger Southern California Bluefin the 50-60 sized lever drag, 2 speeds are your perfect tool.


In Southern California, our Bluefin fishery has come into full bloom and these reels are perfectly suited to tackle some of the bruits we’re seeing this year off our local banks.  The three of the largest Daiwa Saltiga Lever Drag reels are more than capable of putting the hurt on a cow-sized Bluefin but each one with a slight difference to specialize your approach.

On the smaller size, the SAGLD50-2SPD is more than ideal to fish Bluefin on the vertical jig.  This year we’ve seen how deadly this style of fishing can be on the nighttime bluefin bight.  Many of the reels out there geared for this style of fishing are just a little to small and the SAGLD50-2SPD bridges that gap.   The SAGLD55-2SPD is the next step up and a great reel all-around reel from fishing bait, jigging, trolling, and more.  If you need one offshore reel to wear many different hats this might be the one for you. 

SAGLD60-2SPD… I’ll take one.

Once you get into the size 60 ( SAGLD60-2SPD), you have a considerable amount of line allowing for some of these new techniques for trolling for bluefin with a Madmac or a Spreader bar where you have a lot of line out.  I even think this would make a great reel for walking a California Flyer on the kite.

From a specification standpoint, they check all the boxes, and we can’t say enough good about the entire Daiwa Saltiga line.

Check them out at your local retailer or visit Daiwa’s website