Yo-Zuri TopKnot Products Perform For Anglers

Yo-Zuri TopKnot

Yo-Zuri is proud of their TopKnot Main Line and Leader.

This is another great product that Yo-Zuri offers in an already impressive line-up of excellent products. Tested to the highest standards with precision performance in every region, these quality manufactured products have been a staple in the fishing community for many decades. TopKnot is geared to perfecting the art of fishing and giving the angler the chance to truly “Fish The Best”.
Yo-Zuri’s attention to detail and quality precision manufacturing processes make this Main Line and Leader a “must-have” for any dedicated angler in both saltwater and freshwater. The TopKnot series consists of two outstanding color options: The Natural Clear, and Disappearing Pink.

Yo-Zuri TopKnotThe Disappearing Pink color is something that Yo-Zuri has created to become Virtually Invisible and Super Durable.  Both colors have the same Abrasion Resistant qualities, however, the Disappearing Pink is the staple of the TopKnot series.
Yo-Zuri’s attention to detail and commitment to providing the angler the best product has resulted in decades of success and excellent products. The TopKnot series displays the best Yo-
Zuri has to offer and has quickly become a leading competitor in the market. The TopKnot series is designed to withstand countless strikes and encounters with even the toughest of fighters. The Durability and Abrasion Resistance gives the angler the most bang for their buck with this Top notch product.

Yo-Zuri TopKnotYo-Zuri has continued to push the envelope with adding another record breaking feature to the TopKnot series. The TopKnot Leaders have the smallest diameter that Yo-Zuri has ever created, while still maintaining maximum strength and durability. It is no surprise that Yo-Zuri was able to produce such a quality product. When “Fish The Best” becomes more of a mission statement than just a slogan, developing the Best products on the market become second nature.

Yo-Zuri TopKnot leader material is state-of-the-art.

Yo-Zuri TopKnotYo-Zuri’s TopKnot series is being introduced into the North American market due to unprecedented demand!!! Our tried and true high quality Japanese manufacturing processes, coupled with several decades of experience, make these accessories a “must-have” for any serious angler. Species include anything from bluefin tuna and dorado, to striped bass and tarpon!!!

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