Williamson Jigs Offer Anglers Options For Success

Williamson Lures, born on the rugged coast of South Africa, has been a major player in the big fish game for years and has brought its experience with a vast array of species to its versatile metal jig lineup with designs that fit the needs of West Coast anglers.

Metal jigs have long been an integral factor in West Coast fishing, and lately, the incredible fishing for offshore bluefin tuna from 80 to 300-pounds has raised the awareness of jig fishing to another level. Farther up the coast in the Northwest, BC and Alaska, lingcod and king salmon jigging have also reached new heights as advanced designs attract more action.

Bluefin tuna fishing can be the most visually stimulating of all angling experiences, as huge “foamers” of feeding fish break the surface and provide casting targets.

The Williamson’s Koika Jig is the perfect choice for targeting schooling fish in the upper water column, a situation that calls for a jig that presents both maximum visibility and time spent in the bite zone.

The Koika is asymmetric in design with center balancing to create the perfect fluttering/fall action designed to stimulate distressed prey. The jig can also be fished deep and on the retrieve, darting and flashing erratically on the fall and then with each lift of the rod tip before slowly falling with an attractive horizontal flutter on the pause during a pumping retrieve.

The Williamson’s Vortex Speed Jig is one of the most innovative, versatile jigs on the market today and fits perfectly with the other side of the bluefin tuna fishing visual spectrum – pitch-black nights and deep, deep water.

The hydrodynamic design of the Vortex Speed Jig features opposing convex and concave sides and a built-in heavy-duty stainless steel ball-bearing swivel which allows the jig to rotate effortlessly on the fall.

The rotation combined with the two-sided color pattern creates a maximum flash that drives fish crazy and comes in three color combinations: black purple, chartreuse glow, hot pink glow.

The two glow colors of the Vortex Speed are an outstanding night fishing choice; while purple-black is the proven high contrast color for super-clean offshore waters (Baja wahoo love the color, too).

The Williamson’s Abyss Speed Jig, a highly efficient tool to reach practically any saltwater game fish, is a design perfect for targeting king salmon, silver salmon, lingcod and rockfish.

A unique potbelly shaped body gets the Abyss Speed down fast in order for the jig angler to reach fish deeper and faster, outstanding for getting quickly into the zone on fast drifts.

Another benefit is the tapered design offers less resistance on the retrieve, while the Super Fluoro Lumo paint on the belly and gill plates triggers strikes.

Visit the Williamson website to see these and many more great lures and tackle.