Nomad Design Chug Norris 95 – How To Work It Video

Nomad Design’s creator, Damon Olsen, offers some tips and techniques to working the ever-popular Chug Norris topwater lure.  No matter what species and location, there is Chug Norris lure that will apply.

“You can walk the dog easily with the Chug Norris 95 for a unique chug and walk presentation or you can use a regular chug and pop method,” says Damon.  “The lure is designed to make its incredible presentation and commotion without requiring too much work from the angler.  The unique body shape and balance of the Chug Norris means that it is ideal for a huge range of species, from small freshwater applications to the biggest offshore predators.”

The Chug Norris is currently available in five sizes from 2″ to 7″.  “I’m going to buy some just because of the name, but I can’t wait to catch something on them too,” said Capt. Scott Goodwin.  “Dare a fish to “make your day!”

Visit the Nomad Design Tackle website to learn more about this and many other great lures.