Introducing FishLab Tackle – Science Of The Strike

The launch of FishLab marks the next evolution of lures based on scientific examination and testing. The tagline, “Science of the Strike”, reflects the research and development process of all FishLab products. Rather than continuing to flood the market with ‘me too’ baits based on an individual’s gut instinct or rely solely on the passing fad of social media popularity; FishLab creations are backed by scientifically accurate swim actions, the highest degree of build quality and a wide selection of colors. All these elements combined, give angler’s the best chance at catching their target species.

Designed and created to be as lifelike as possible, FishLab is introducing an incredible selection of baits for 2020.

Mike Bennett of FishLab Tackle

“We created FishLab Tackle with both the serious hardcore angler, as well as the big bait throwing, weekend warrior in mind,” states Mike Bennett, Product Development Manager. “Our initial product introduction will cover a variety of water types and species from the outset.”

The initial introductions of FishLab products are focused on key families of baits. From the mega-sized Rattle Toad topwater frog bait and Bio-Gill Bluegill swimbait lines to the Hard Mack Attack saltwater swimbait and Mad Eel baits, there will be a selection of lures to cover a variety of needs.

bio gill fishing lure

Bio-Gill Lures

“The goal of the Bio-Gill family was to create the best bluegill bait on the market,” states Mike. “We developed the Bio-Gill family to fill a market-wide void on a quality bluegill bait for the hardcore fisherman.”

The Bio-Gill lineup consists of five individual families with swimbaits, wake baits, and glide baits as well as two families of soft swimbaits. Each family of baits has its own unique styling and incredibly lifelike looks and swimming action.

Mack Attack Lures

The Mack Attack family of baits consists of the Hard Mack Attack jointed swimbaits as well as Soft Mack Attack paddle tail style swimbaits. Both come in a variety of fish-attracting colors and sizes and are designed to match the forage fish of your coastal waters.

mack attack lure FishLab Tackle

The Hard Mack Attack is designed as a big gamefish hard swimbait with heavy-duty rigging, split rings and comes rigged with heavy-duty 4x treble hooks. This three-piece swimbait has a classic swimming action that can be fished slowly, burned or just under the surface to mimic escaping or waking prey. Available in both slow sink and fast sink, the Hard Mack attack comes in seven fish-attracting colors and is available in both 7” and 9” sizes. Rigged with two treble hooks and a single hook with a flash-feather tail hook, these baits have an impressive hookup ratio.

soft mackerel lure

The Soft Mack Attack swimbait is a paddle tail swimbait that is designed to be fished in heavy current or deep-water presentations such as jigging or dropping. This bait can even be slow-trolled. The Soft Mack Attack comes in three lengths and weights to get you dialed in on your particular presentation. 6 ½”, 8” and 10” lengths that range from 5.5 to 16 ounces in weight. The paddle tail is designed to have a seductive kick on a cast and retrieve, slow trolled or straight drop. The bait also features a heavy-duty jig hook that will hold up to the largest and hardest fighting fish out there. Additional replacement bodies are also available.

Carnada Jigs

Fish Lab has introduced the Carnada family of offshore baits for 2020.

These big water baits are designed for the toughest of fish and built to last. There are two families within the Carnada lineup with the Carnada Flutter Jigs and the Carnada Slow Pitch Jigs. Both designed with a purpose, these are big fish catching machines.

“With the tuna craze and the monster Bluefin we have been catching on the west coast, we wanted to design the perfect jig.” stated Mike. “These baits flutter, kick and just plain drive tuna crazy!”

carnada flat fall FishLab Tackle

The Carnada Slow Pitch Jig is designed for vertical presentation on meter marks or over and near structure. These jigs are designed to move sideways through the water column as they sink so they stay in the strike zone longer. Designed to be fished with a slower lift and fall retrieve to mimic injured or dying baitfish. Available in five lengths and weights to cover all fishing conditions and situations. 4” – 100 gram, 4 ½” 150 gram, 5” – 200 gram, 5 ¼” – 250 gram and massive 5 ½” – 300-gram sizes. The 200, 250 and 300-gram sizes are available in glow patterns for pelagic species or bottom fish. The 250 and 300-gram sizes come rigged with a Mustad stainless steel 7691 hook for west coast bluefin tuna fishing or oversized and toothy gamefish that can quickly chew through braid rigged assist hooks. Also available in seven saltwater forage matching patterns.

FishLab Flutter Jig

The Carnada Flutter Jig is the slimmer of the two family members and is available in four lengths and weights. A 3 ¼”- 40 gram, 3 ¾” – 60 gram, 4 ¼” – 80 gram and a 4 ¾” – 120-gram lineup that comes in five saltwater forage matching patterns. The Carnada Flutter Jig has a great kicking action on cast and retrieves or tight flutter action on vertical presentations. The enhanced facial details are designed to trigger strikes from weary or neutral feeding gamefish.

FishLab Tackle logo

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