Fishing Hardbaits For Bluefin & Yellowfin Tuna

With this year’s batch of SoCal bluefin tuna being ultra picky regarding what they’ll bite, at least for now you’re going to want to put down the big poppers that were the hot ticket the last few years and consider downsizing your bait. While these bluefin are feeding on the same anchovy schools they have in the past, this year they seem particularly locked in on the micro bait so you’re going to have to adjust your presentation if you want to catch them.

At only 5-inches long and weighing an ounce, the Yo-Zuri Hydro Pencil may be small, but this year it has made for instant bites when thrown anywhere near foaming bluefin or yellowfin.


While you’ll need to downsize your gear to cast these smaller baits, reels like the Abu/Garcia Revo Toro Beast 50 offer more than enough drag to handle any bigger fish you might hook.


Check out the video to learn the tackle and techniques you’ll need to use for the Hydro Pencil and a variety of other downsized offerings.

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