DTX 220LRS Lure For Long Range Anglers – Run Deep, Straight, & True

Long range anglers by their nature are sticklers for having the right gear and tackle for several reasons.  First, they are going to travel to exotic locales and they plan on encountering epic offshore fishing where the fish are big, mean and plentiful.  They will need a tackle box of lures built to catch a variety of gamefish as their space is limited as to what they can carry with them on the boat.

There is another reason long range anglers focus on quality tackle. Once you’ve steamed for days into the ocean, there are no tackle stores from which to resupply if you are suffering tackle failure.  Yes, the boat might have some tackle for sale, but it will be limited to what they have onboard.

Damon Olsen of Nomad Design Tackle knows all about this because he has operated Nomad Sportfishing for many years on the remotest spots on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  The same thing applies there where giant, ferocious fish require the toughest tackle to withstand extreme punishment.  That is why Nomad Tackle was created. Born out of the need to have lures that could hold up to fish after fish under extreme fishing conditions.

“The DTX 200 became really popular in Southern California and especially with the long range fleet for wahoo and tuna,” said Damon of Nomad.  “We did take their feedback into consideration and we are excited to be launching the DTX220LRS or Long Range Special.  This will share the same great Pat. Pending Autotune System but will be enhanced by a Metal Matrix Plate system, Diamond Armour internal strength system and Hydrospeed belly eyelet technology. The DTX 220 LRS will swim deeper and faster than any other minnow and will always swim straight when trolled between 4-14 knots.  It will be our heavy-duty version built for those long range anglers targeting wahoo and tuna in distant waters.”

The Autotune System gives the DTX an unbelievable diving depth. The DTX 220 LRS will reach up to 50-feet of diving depth when trolled at least 250-feet behind the boat at speeds between 5 and 9 knots and will reach greater depths when trolled on lighter braided line such as 65# to80#.

When rigging the DTX 220LRS you want to keep your connections as small as possible to reduce drag and achieve greater depths. The smaller the connection the deeper the DTX 220LRS will go. We recommend using 150-200# monofilament leader with a small crimp or Uni Knot connection to the solid ring, or single-strand wire of around 140#, or multi-strand cable of up to 250#. Using hooks other than those supplied may cause the lure to become unbalanced and not work at the optimum speed or depth.

The DTX220LRS is 12.5-inches overall and comes with a welded stainless ring towpoint, two 13/0 Inline heavy-duty single hooks and 10 bold, proven colors.

Capt. Sam Moore from Intrepid Sportfishing recently explained why the DTX Minnow is their go-to lure on the boat. “We almost exclusively pull the Nomad DTX so that everyone on the boat has the best chance to succeed.  We have noticed that these Nomad trolling jigs get bit 6:1 compared to other types of trolling jigs,” said Capt. Sam.

Check out the Nomad Design Tackle website for more info on the new DTX220LRS lures and many others.