Best Offshore Lures For Dorado, Yellowfin, Bluefin Tuna

Local Knowledge host, Ali Hussainy takes a moment to lay out some of his favorite offshore lures from this year’s Local Knowledge adventures.  “These lures may look a little beat up, but that’s the goal for a lure designed to get the bite and take the punishment of big, mean fish.  We have tried them all in the places we have fished and three of Nomad’s designs have proven to us over and over again that they will catch just about anything that swims.  The Riptide, Madscad and Chug Norris have become our go-to lures on the water.  They come in a huge variety of colors and all feature the ultimate tough-built construction, born of their origination on the Great Barrier Reef.”

Nomad Design Lures

Riptide Long Cast

“The Riptide Long Cast has a weight inside that lets us get distance on a larger spinning outfit while still matching the hatch of smaller baitfish that the tuna have dialed in on,” said Ali.  “Heavy-duty single hooks and a small profile make this the ideal small lure for big fish.”

Riptide 105 Fast Sink is a long-casting, heavily weighted, but small and very strong stickbait. Designed as a subtle presentation for big fish, it is through wired for strength and fitted with extra strong hooks. It is ideal for shore casting or long casting from boats.

Nomad Design Lures


“The Madscad has been successful for just about every species that Rush and I have chased during trips,” commented Ali.  “The Madscad has been particularly successful for dorado in our experience, but we’ve also caught striped marlin on them too.  They are just deadly for all predatory fish!”

The Madscad is a twichbait that can be used on nearly every species for casting and trolling. It is by far the most versatile lure in the range and just catches fish. Everything eats madscads! With sizes ranging from small 3.5″ twitchbaits that are perfect for bass, redfish, tarpon, snook, roosterfish, stripers and bluefish, through to the larger 8″ big baits for tuna, wahoo, yellowtail, cubera, and GTs, there is a Madscad for every species imaginable.

offshore lures

Chug Norris

The Chug Norris is the undisputed king of the waves when it comes to poppers, and the smaller sizes are just as much at home in freshwater or in the backcountry. It is super easy to pop, it hangs in the water and won’t “pull out” when popped. This popper is all about being easy to use, and it does not require much effort to get a very big pop due to the unique body shape and hydrodynamic design. It can also be worked with subtle small pops and twitched across the surface in the smaller sizes to get an amazing walk the dog action that drives fish crazy.

The unique body shape and balance of the Chug Norris means that it is ideal for a huge range of species, from small freshwater applications through to the biggest predators offshore.

“Nomad created a new size class of the Chug Norris for SoCal anglers,” said Ali.  “If you need a lure to make longer casts, this new 150 size was made just for you.  It is a tuna favorite and will reach out and touch them.”

offshore lures

Check out the Nomad Design website for more info on these and many more fish-catching lures; built tough for mean fish!