Cuda Brand Products – There Is a Better Way

grip scaleYou may already be familiar with the bright blue tools that are gaining popularity in the fishing world and on store shelves. Cuda Brand tools are earning their place on angler’s hips and boats everywhere. Why the surge in popularity?

Everyone likes quality functional products that give great value for your money.

Cuda Brand tools and knives were born out of necessity. Avid angler Rick Constantine grew up in the fishing and hunting world thanks to his father, Capt. Ted Constantine. Rick’s passion for the water led him to become a charter boat captain and commercial fisherman. This line of work gave him a chance to sample many types of fishing tools and came away knowing there had to be a better way to make the tools last. Rick was already a leader in the Acme United Corporation, who specialized in cutting tools and material technologies, Rick combined his fishing experience with the patented technologies of Acme United to create the Cuda Brand.

Cuda Brand tools offer the benefit of careful planning and research, cutting-edge technology and many years of practical fishing experience. The variety of products continues to grow, just as the public’s awareness of the value and durability of Cuda tools.

Cuda tools

They specialize in a variety of fishing pliers, snips and scissors, knives, sharpeners, sheaths and grippers. They are expanding to tag sticks, harpoons and de-hookers as well.

The key to Cuda’s resistance to the elements is the careful combination of quality German stainless steel, aluminum and titanium alloys and their proprietary Titanium Bonded process that physically penetrates the metal to provide corrosion resistance and stainless steel hardening.

cuda knife

Cuda knives come standard with full tang construction and feature an oversized backbone for rigidity. The blades are Thru-Hardened which means the blade will hold its edge even after re-sharpening.

Cuda Gripper

I’ve been putting many of the Cuda products through the paces and have been very pleased at the results.

One of my favorite aspects of the Cuda tools is the comfortable and slip-resistant grip. The blue cuda-scale pattern is the signature look of the brand and works well under the often-slippery conditions of fishing.

grip scale

I think the tool that surprised me the most in its usefulness and function is the Cuda Grip & Scale. This tool is designed to give you a great way to lip a fish that is better for the angler and the fish. You can use it to land the fish boat side or to handle the fish in the boat for de-hooking, photos and weighing your catch. The Grip and Scale has a set of trigger-activated jaws that latch onto the fish’s mouth and will not let go until you release it with the trigger. I like to use it on all fish that I plan to release, fish with teeth or as a revival tool for tired fish.

Cuda Pliers

It is also handy to hold a fish steady while you reach in with the Cuda pliers to remove thrashing treble hooks, keeping you from becoming part of the catch. The steady grip benefits the fish as well as it eliminates accidental drops and slime removal.

Speaking of Cuda’s plier offerings, they have a wide variety of cutters, snips and pliers. The cutters benefit from new technologies that makes them sharper and longer lasting. My 7.5-inch fishing pliers have separate cutters for mono, braid or wire. They come with a sheath and lanyard for convenient storage on your hip.

braid cutter

My next favorite item seems so simple, but the Cuda Brand version takes the cake in my braid snip experience. The Cuda Titanium Bonded Micro Scissors have held up well sitting on my dash and they cut braid in a quick snip. The oversized finger holes are so practical for larger hands and that makes their use a cinch.

fillet knivesI’ve only got a few fish under my belt on the cleaning table with the Cuda 7-inch Titanium Bonded Wide Fillet Knife, but I can already tell it will become a great asset at the end of the day of fishing.

So if you are in need of a better quality fishing tool or knife, give the Cuda Brand a try.

I’m sure you will not be disappointed by Cuda’s great function, quality and value.

You can learn more about Cuda Brand Products by visiting their website and Facebook page.

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