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Broadband 4G RadarIf you were impressed with the capabilities of the 3G radar system available from the Navico companies, including Lowrance, Simrad Yachting and B&G, then hang on to your hat because the new 4G will really blow you away. This “next-generation” radar displays targets so clear that you can spot a buoy or birds as close as 200 feet away while simultaneously monitoring targets up to 36 miles off the bow. The unit uses a solid-state Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW), offering unparalleled performance that you really have to see to believe.

According to Navico, the Broadband 4G Radar is the world’s first dome radar to use Beam Sharpening, which significantly improves azimuth resolution — the effective horizontal beam width of the radar signal. The result is a resolution equivalent to a 3.5-foot open array radar. When combined with a Simrad NSE, NSO or B&G Zeus multifunction display, the system’s user-defined, target-separation control allows users to adjust the level of separation, which helps you find birds miles away and stay safe on foggy waters.

Broadband 4G RadarThe 4G radar delivers 50-percent greater range and target detection than Broadband 3G Radar. All 4G models feature revolutionary Beam Sharpening technology that provides the sharpest-possible images. The new Lowrance, Simrad and B&G Broadband 4G Radar models are compatible with the Lowrance HDS, Simrad NSO Offshore, NSE Expert and NSS Sport and B&G Zeus multifunction displays.

The Simrad 4G Radars offer dual-range functionality so you can split the screen and display distances close to the boat, and targets far off — all from a single dome. Simrad 4G Radar models can track up to 10 targets per range — each with independent control, for a total of 20 tracked targets in split-screen mode.

All Broadband 4G Radars provide up to 18 working ranges. Each model also features smart, pre-defined Offshore and Harbor modes on all ranges without requiring special tuning.

Broadband 4G Radar not only raises the bar in radome performance by providing superior resolution at long-range distances, it also delivers the same exceptional close-range capability that is signature to Broadband Radar. The system marks objects within 6.5 feet of the boat, providing target definition and separation in close quarters where traditional pulse radar typically runs blind.

Maintaining high-sensitivity and clarity in all weather conditions, the 4G provides easy-to-view detail of targets even in high-sea states. Additional safety and convenience features include revolution speeds up to 36 rpm for Lowrance HDS and Simrad NSS, and 48 rpm for Simrad NSE, NSO and B&G Zeus — providing near-instant updates at ranges less than 1 nautical mile. The directional sidelobe-clutter suppression reduces clutter and echoes caused by large targets. The unit uses very little power and has extremely low emissions (less than 1/5th that of a mobile phone) and the InstantOn feature allows you to quickly power up the radar to from cold start and standby

“Broadband 4G Radar will change the way boaters navigate,” said Louis Chemi, COO for Navico Americas. “With unrivalled close-range visibility and new groundbreaking long-distance capability, this latest addition to the Lowrance, Simrad Yachting and B&G Broadband Radar lineup provides the sharpest radar images of any radome in the world for best-in-class situational awareness on the water.”

Broadband 4G Radar’s compact 18-inch radome measures 11.02-inches high by 19.28-inches in diameter, weighs 16.3 pounds and installs quickly with an easy-to-route 0.5-inch diameter scanner cable. The 4G draws only 20 watts of power during operation (21 watts in dual range mode) and 2.9 watts in standby and it can operate in winds up to 100 knots. Broadband 4G Radar is waterproof to the IPX6 standard and protected by a two-year parts and labor warranty.

Available in November 2011, the new Lowrance Broadband 4G Radar has an advertised price of $1,899, while the Simrad and B&G Broadband 4G Radars have a suggested retail price of $2,299. For more information call 800-324-1356 or visit or