Boating at Night

Boating at night just got a whole lot brighter. The latest thermal imaging technology from FLIR allows captains to see at night where they’re going no matter how dark it is.

Founded in 1978, FLIR provides stabilized thermal imaging systems for aircraft, law enforcement, maritime and many other markets. It only takes five seconds using one of FLIR’s products to see the benefits of incorporating one of these units onto your boat. Using the thermal-imaging technology, FLIR’s products make it easy to spot floating debris, other boats, structure or even a man overboard in any condition. FLIR makes it possible to see through the black of night and poor weather with no problem at all.

FLIR recently made some improvements to its popular Voyager line of long-range, gyro-stabilized imaging units. The new features include auto tracking as well as a temperature measurement. The Autotracker automatically follows designated objects such as moving boats, allowing the operator to monitor the situation hands-free so he never has to let go of the wheel.

FLIR’s M-Series night-vision cameras were also improved upon. All four models use cutting-edge imaging cores to provide better image quality in both the standard-resolution (320-240) and high-resolution (640-480) formats. And, with the addition of the M-625XP, there is now a high-resolution option for less than $13,000. Along with this improved image quality — which lets boaters see more detail at night and in bright sun glare — M-Series imagers provide increased range performance so you can see up to 20 percent farther than with earlier models in the M-Series line.

If you spend a good amount of time running at night, you really should check out the products from FLIR. The company produces several models to fit any budget.

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