Drink Holder with Storage Box

There are a few universal thoughts regarding boats in our minds, they can never be too fast, too big, have too many rod holders or have too many cup holders.

This is where Boat Outfitters comes in yet again. They make this handy little two-drink holder (with koozies of course) with a cool storage box in the center. The unit comes with suction cups already attached and ready to slap on your favorite smooth surface. You can also remove the screws holding the suction cups and quickly mount this permanently.

Unlike those flimsy flip down cup holders you get from the boat store, this thing is made out of ½” thick King Starboard and offers a lifetime guarantee. Starboard is awesome because it doesn’t warp, bend or discolor with sunlight. This bad boy will be around for years to come and will look sharp on your boat.


We never have a place to set our adult beverages while whipping up a sandwich in the galley and now we do! We used the suction cups to mount it, so we can pick it up and clean the breadcrumbs and mustard up from beneath it.

Is this thing going to revolutionize boating? Nope, but it will keep you from spilling beer all over the place and give you a spot to throw your keys, sunscreen and a pack of hooks while on the water. For under $40 you just can’t go wrong.

Check it out here: Boat Outfitters.com

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