Batson Introduces The ALPS Titanium HXN Guides

ALPS Titanium

The all new, premium heavy duty saltwater rod guides have been created by the experts at Batson Enterprises.  Their newest version of their HXN Guides are made of corrosion-proof titanium and offer lighter weights and higher strengths compared to their already popular stainless steel versions.

ALPS Titanium“In my opinion, the Heavy HNX Titanium Alps Guides will be the finest guide in this class ever made”, says Bill Batson, CEO of Batson Enterprises.  “We’ve spent two years of time, energy and money to be the first to the market with a guide like this.  That is very exciting for me.”

ALPS TitaniumThe Heavy Titanium Alps Guides come in a variety of sizes and are going to be very versatile for rod builders looking for a superior rod guide that will not corrode and is light and strong.

ALPS TitaniumMike Thorson, VP of Engineering said, “Titanium offered some challenges in the creation of these guides.  We had to alter our tooling and methods to prevent cracking, but the final process is now perfect.”

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Batson Enterprises encompasses Rainshadow, ALPS and Forecast brands and you can check out their website to learn more.

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