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AFTCO Performance Long Sleeve Inshore Shirt

The technical clothing made specifically for fishing has advanced light years ahead of the good ol’ days when guys would fish in cutoff jean shorts and heavy-duty tee shirts. AFTCO recently came out with an Inshore Performance Long Sleeve shirt that is an ideal choice for fishing in tropical climates.AFTCO Performance Long Sleeve Made out of an ultra-light, stain-resistant, anti-microbial, moisture-wicking performance material, the long sleeve shirt dries quickly and won’t get all funky smelling.

Vented mesh panels up the side seams and down the inside seam of the torso keep you cool.

The vents act like your own personal air-conditioner. The collar comes with a high back to protect your neck and the entire shirt is rated at 30-plus UPF for sun protection. The shirts retail for $54.99.

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