AFTCO Offers New Flex Fillet Knives In 7″ & 9″

AFTCO’s new 7″ and 9″ flex fish fillet knives are built in collaboration with Böker Germany to deliver premium blade options for gamefish processing of all sizes.

AFTCO Flex Fillet Knife

These knives are thinner and more flexible than the original AFTCO Fillet Knives so they’re perfect for fish that require some flex to follow the skeleton and maximize the yield.

The full range of AFTCO fillet knives features 4116 German stainless steel blades with a full tang construction and upsweep design. The premium Böker blades are easily distinguished with an AFTCO gold TIN finish that is bonded to the blade through PVD ensuring durable corrosion resistance. A sub-zero quench process helps maintain blade sharpness and edge retention. The handle features an over-molded slip-free polypropylene / TPR surface that is both anatomically and ergonomically correct for optimum in-hand feel. These qualities make the Flex knife perfect for smaller game fish and precision cutting on all fish.


AFTCO fillet knife
Photo Credit: Dave Roberts

AFTCO Flex Fillet Knife Features

  • Böker 4116 German stainless steel blade
  • Full tang construction
  • 56-58 Rockwell hardness, sub-zero quench process
  • Upsweep blade design maintains a cutting surface when filleting game fish
  • AFTCO Gold TIN / PVD treatment ensures corrosion resistance
  • The handle is anatomically and ergonomically correct for optimum in-hand feel
  • Textured polypropylene / TPR grip provides maximum hold in wet conditions
  • Included sheath for safe storage

Check out the AFTCO website for more information.