BD Outdoors reports live from the Miami Boat Show

Miami Boat Show 2013 – BDoutdoors

Every year, BD Outdoors is excited to attend the Miami Boat Show in Miami, Florida with the goal of ensuring that its members are always on the cutting edge of the marine world.

The 2013 Miami Boat show was no different. Starting Thursday, February 14, Ali Hussainy, president of BD Outdoors, and Brant Crenshaw, Director of Sales for BD Outdoors, were at the show meeting with top marine industry leaders, gathering the latest news, and checking out new products and technology.

“Years ago, many of the industry’s major players didn’t know who we were,” said Ali Hussainy, speaking from the show floor at the Miami Beach Convention Center. “They weren’t really into Internet advertising, but now they are, and I’m overwhelmed at how far we’ve come. When I visit these same guys, not only is BD Outdoors a huge part of their marketing plan, but we’ve become friends with them as well.”

The Miami Boat show has become an important part of promoting the BD brand and sharing what BD Outdoors can do for its sponsors, which include some of the top companies in the marine industry.

“The show is important to us for a lot of reasons,” said Brant Crenshaw. “For one, we can see first-hand our clients’ products. More importantly, we can see the reactions of the end consumers, our members, to these products. This helps us because we can take the feedback back the BD lab and talk about ways to better showcase the items.”

The Miami Boat Show takes place every year around Valentine’s Day and lasts through that weekend. Throughout its history, the show has continually grown and evolved into the largest show of its kind. It is considered the premier focal point for new product launches, which makes it a prime networking event within the marine industry, and a way to gauge public reaction to the latest product releases.

“We live in transparent times,” said Derek Redwine, the Creative Director at BD Outdoors. “It’s one thing for a company to go to a show or run an ad and say ‘my products are the best,’ but these days if your product is not the best, you will hear about it quickly. The guys who miami boat show 2013stand behind their product, and fix it if there’s an issue, are the ones I see doing the best.”

To protect their own brand and ensure that their 750,000+ readership is presented with only the best fishing products, the staff of BD Outdoors is highly selective when a prospective client comes to them seeking exposure and promotion. Their clients include Melton Tackle, Costa, Accurate, AFTCO, Boat Outfitters and many more.

“We don’t have any clients that we don’t believe in,” continued Crenshaw. “When we put up a product or put up a forum thread about it, we can stand behind it.”

BD Outdoors is the largest sportfishing community on the Internet, with visitors logging on from every part of the world. The site has been growing substantially since being founded ten years ago. Although originally focused primarily on the California fishing community, the website’s scope and readership has expanded into almost every region of the world, fueled especially by the company’s energetic image and a forum that allows members to speak freely. The international representation at the Miami Boat Show offers the perfect venue to help BD Outdoors continue its outward growth.

“We go to these events one as anglers,” said Redwine. “We love the sport and we have passion, so we go to see all the new shiny stuff! But the best thing about the Miami Boat show is just talking to our guys face to face. In the anonymous world of the Internet, speaking with people in person is a welcome change.”

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