Conjoined Gray Whale Calves Found

Researchers in Scammon’s Lagoon in Mexico, recently found twin gray whale calves that were joined together in the chest/belly area of the abdomen. Unfortunately the whales did not survive and may have been stillborn due to their condition.

The whales were collected for study and a search is on for the mother to determine if she survived the birth. The whales were less than half of the length of normal whale calves, which can be up to 16 feet long at birth.

Other species of whales have been documented to have conjoined calves, but this may be the first documentation for gray whales.

Scammon’s Lagoon and others are traditional birthing areas for gray whales and most take place in late December and January. They travel south to give birth and will nurse the calves for several weeks before turning back north for a 6000-mile journey back to the artic.

Photo Credits: GrindTV

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