Kicking Plastic Continues @ Casa Vieja Lodge

If you’ve been to Casa Vieja Lodge this past season then you have seen and taken part in the Kick Plastic program, pioneered by Costa Sunglasses, as they eliminated single-use plastic water bottles, nevertheless, in Guatemala!

“We hope you are continuing to do your part and using your custom Casa Vieja YETI and helping to save our oceans one plastic bottle at a time,” says Casa Vieja’s Capt. David Salazar. “When you arrive at Casa Vieja we give you the kick start to Kick Plastic in your own backyard. Every client is gifted with an 18oz YETI Rambler Bottle to take home and make help make a difference.”

Two Elkay water fountain and bottle filling stations are at the Lodge, and YETI 5-Gallon Silos are available aboard the fleet of boats. New YETI Rambler colors will be featured this season to add to your collection, or you can always purchase your favorite colors through their Online Shop HERE.
In the 2018-2019 season, we saved over 65,000 single-use plastic bottles and still counting, as we are still out fishing! An impactful detail is 17,000 of those bottles were Gatorade bottles! We made an easy switch to the powdered Gatorade and send them pre-mixed to the boats in either the 36oz or half-gallon YETIs.

casa vieja lodgePlease join us in our efforts, and also encourage other guides, outfitters, and lodges to do the same! For more information on our Kick Plastic program and efforts CLICK HERE.

Visit the Casa Vieja Lodge website for more info on this and their incredible offshore fishing packages.

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