Central America Is Beginning To Open To Anglers

After six long months of COVID19 closure, Most Central American Countries and Mexico are open for tourists. Fishermen anxious to once again wet their lines are heading south to make up for lost time.
local knowledge
Mexico was the first to open allowing flights from the States to bring passengers to Cabo San Lucas in time for the Fall fishing season. Tournaments are on including the world-famous Bisbee’s Tournament. If you plan to head down to Mexico be sure to check with your airline for flight and entry requirements. As of this writing, you must fill out a questionnaire that can be found online.
Guatemala fishing
Moving farther south, you should always check with your airline for their requirements and entry requirements for the country you will visit. Guatemala just changed and now requires only an antigen test. El Salvador requires a COVID test taken within 72 hours of departure.
Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a bit more confusing as this Country is opening up State by State for the U.S. On October 1st, California was added to the approved entry list while Texas and Florida will be open on Oct. 15th. All States will be welcomed to Costa Rica on November 1st. To enter Costa Rica, among other paperwork you must present a COVID test taken within 72 hours of departure.
Marlin Jumping, Panama.
Panama is running behind the other Countries. Visitors from the USA are not allowed until October 11, 2020.
This has been a bad year for anglers and hopefully, you will book your fishing trip to Central America for the great Fall Fishing.