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Single Anglers Week – It’s Back!

Calling all SOLO anglers! You asked for it, and now you have another opportunity to come alone and fish at the world famous Casa Vieja Lodge November 1-4th at a much cheaper rate than normal! For $2,930/angler you will fish with the best in the business for 3 full days of fishing, 4 nights lodging (including your own private room), VIP airport transportation, open bar, all meals, laundry service, and the finest tournament tackle. This rate is normally reserved for parties of 4 anglers!

Act fast as this is based on availability.  Call our Miami office at 1-800-882-4665 for more information or email us  and secure your spot. Team up with other solo anglers while also splitting the cost and making new friends. November marks the start of winter and when the snowbirds start rushing south of the border! Test out different techniques, get tips and tricks from our top tagging mates and captains, and cross Casa Vieja Lodge off your bucket list.

Kick Plastic

Kicking Plastic at Casa Vieja

Each year, 200 billion plastic bottles are produced.

Unfortunately, an estimated 10% of these bottles make their way into the ocean. At the current rate of plastic pollution, we could see more plastic than fish, by weight, in the world’s oceans by 2050! Although these numbers are overwhelming, the good news is that by making small changes together we can all help stem the flow of plastic pollution. At Casa Vieja, we pride ourselves in being a steward of the environment and we are doing our part by following the lead set by Costa Del Mar and their Kick Plastic campaign.

This July at the International Convention of Allied Sporting Trades (ICAST) Kristen Salazar, Owner and Director of Marketing at Casa Vieja, was a panel speaker for the launch of the Costal Del Mar Kick Plastic Guide & Outfitter Program. During the talk, Kristen shared with the audience how Casa Vieja Lodge has been eliminating plastic bottles at the lodge and their future endeavors. This upcoming season the Lodge will implement water dispensers throughout the grounds and provide clients with refillable YETI 26oz Ramblers to use during their stay.

Another green change will be new disposable containers for client lunches that are plant based instead of plastic or styrofoam. Also when enjoying a refreshing cocktail on the boat or back at the lodge, beverages will have bamboo straws instead of plastic straws.

Phase II of the project will have the biggest impact and will take place on the boats. On average 28 plastic bottles of water are used daily on each boat, that’s about 252 plastic bottles of daily trash by the Casa Vieja Fleet! By working with YETI the plan is to have a water dispenser on board to refill client YETI Ramblers throughout the fishing day. The end result of these small changes add up to eliminate close to 30,000 bottles of water in a single season!  

Please support us in this effort to help Kick Plastic as we ALL have a part to play to reduce our impact on the environment. Check out the Kick Plastic website for more information to find out what you can do to turn the tide against plastic pollution.

Efron Rizzo

Captain’s Profile: Efron Rizzo

Hear it in his own words why Efron Rizzo, Captain of the El Cadejo, one of our 35′ ST Contenders, loves fishing in Guatemala and working for Casa Vieja Lodge. It’s the expertise of captains like Efron that sets us apart and here is why.

“I have fished in Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Mexico, and Ocean City, Maryland catching blue marlin, sailfish, white marlin, spearfish, and yellowfin tuna. My best day of fishing (outside of Guatemala) was 25 white marlin and 7 blue marlin. I have fished the White Marlin Open and two other Mid-Atlantic tournaments.  Boats I have fished on were Man O’ War (Capt. Jonathan Gerard), Spindrift (Capt. Jason Brice), Release (Capt. Erik Lorentzen), Finest Kind (Capt. Ron Hamlin, Capt. David Salazar), and Bonny Read (Capt. Angel Merentes). In Guatemala I have had many great days, but the best day we released 91 sailfish. Special moments for me are 2 grand slams in Guatemala, one from the fighting chair and one on stand-up. I fish because it is my passion, I love my work.  Since I was little I dreamed of this job. Casa Vieja has the best, 5-star quality of service, excellent dining and the best fleet and crews in Guatemala.”

Guatemala fishing

While there may not be many clients at the lodge, there are plenty of fish to be caught! The tuna are in abundance, sailfishing has been consistent and blue marlin have made the occasional appearance. The clients are few and far in-between, but the fish certainly are not so come take advantage of our 15% off Summer Fishing discount, expiring at the end of August, before it’s too late!

Remember, you can always find our daily fishing reports on our website HERE. Below are just a few highlights:

  • July 1 & 2 – The Afinity raised 34 sailfish, had 27 bites and released 21! They also caught 6 tuna and 8 mahi-mahi.
  • July 12-14 – The Spindrift raised 27 sailfish, had 24 bites and released 17!
  • July 12 – The Spindrift released 5 sailfish, had one blue marlin bite, caught 2 mahi-mahi and 11 tuna!
  • August 7-9 – Afinity raised 52 sailfish, had 46 bites, and released 31! On top that they had one blue marlin bite, caught 2 tuna and 3 mahi-mahi.
  • August 14 – Afinity raised 33 sailfish, had 30 bites, and released 18!