Casa Vieja Lodge No Sancocho Tournament 2018 Results

no sancochoThe 2018 No Sancocho Sailfish Shootout was held November 8-10th at Casa Vieja Lodge. This is the annual in-house tournament presented by Casa Vieja Lodge which makes you to put your money where your mouth is, as each Sancocho, or missed bite, results in a $20 donation to charity.

no sancocho

Every Sanchoco or “missed bite” equals $20 to local charities!

Anglers choose the combination of bait and fly casting that they think will earn the most points. In 3 days of fishing, 11 boats released 389 billfish, and had 261 sancochos. At the heart of this tournament is camaraderie and charity. Nightly activities consisted of casino night, Karaoke and Carnival games, as well as the Twisted Tilapia Tournament! At the awards ceremony, over $40,000 was raised from the sancochos and generous donations from anglers. Neptune Impact Windows, also pledged to match all sancocho monies at the start of the tournament, a very brave move knowing Guatemala’s exciting fishery.

no sancochoMarine artist Carey Chen live painted and donated his art for auction which sold for $10,000. A big thank you to all sponsors: Cummins, Costa Sunglasses, YETI, AFTCO, Contender Boats, Sportsman Adventures, Capt Harry’s Fishing Supply, Casa del Jade, and The Billfish Foundation. Traditionally monies raised go to schools in the local town of Puerto San Jose as over the year’s monies raised have built walls, roofs, running water, auditoriums, and 100 new school desks.


This year is different as the money first will go to a procedure for 10-year old Natasha Ramirez, the daughter of Poco Loco first mate, Johnny Ramirez, who was diagnosed with a desmoid tumor on her left leg. All local doctors have said to amputate; however, Johnny has found a doctor that would like to save her leg, and he couldn’t be happier with this gleam of light. “Johnny is part of the Casa Vieja Lodge Family and we need to help our family first.” said Capt. David Salazar. Natasha and her family joined all anglers for dinner at the awards ceremony and the good news was announced: The money raised will help alleviate all medical bills, and expenses for her procedure in Mexico!

Join Casa Vieja Lodge next year for the 2019 No Sancocho Sailfish Shootout November 7-9th.

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