Where To Buy Flying Fish Baits

GFly Flying Fish Fishing BaitsWhere can I buy flying fish baits? California flying fish bait is for sale in local Southern California fishing shops. G-fly Baits, a licensed California flying fish bait source on the West Coast is providing the baits and stocking stores as fast as they can.

There is a difference between the East Coast flying fish and Southern California sourced flying fish. The East Coast flying fish are on average 8-10-inches long while the West Coast flying fish are 14 to 16-inches on average. The Pacific bluefin tuna love the bigger California flying fish, many times not hesitating to take these baits on the first pass. Match the hatch!

California Flying Fish BaitG-fly flying fish baits come in individual wrapped or a 3 pack.

These baits are rigged with the wings propped open using a kite or drifting with floats to keep the baits upright on the surface casting a flying fish silhouette.

Flying Fish Bait

These premium California flying fish bait are being provided by the commercial squid and bait boat Kinley Marie while fishing around Catalina and San Clemente Island. The captain and crew catch these baits, inspect and pack them one by one making them the best baits available on the West Coast.

These guys stay up at night so you don’t have to.

Typically the end of July and the beginning of August the big bluefin start settling in and eating the local flying fish around San Clemente Island. This year (2020) is completely different and the fish never left. The flying fish in our local waters have already moved in and the bluefin are keyed in on them as of April-May and there is no reason for them to slow down. The fish are still in Mexico but they have tails and have been moving into U.S. waters, just not sticking yet. 99% of these fish are being caught using the dead flying fish baits dangled from a balloon or kite.

The shops being stocked with these premium baits are:

  • Island Tackle (Carson)
  • Performance Tackle (Los Alamitos)
  • Sav On Tackle (Santa Fe Springs)
  • Hills Fuel Dock (Newport Beach)
  • Hogan’s Tackle (Dana Point)
  • Dana Landing (Mission Bay)
  • Eric’s Tackle (Ventura) 
  • Performance Tackle (Los Alamitos)
  • Fisherman’s Supply (Lawndale)
  • Chaeil Tackle (Gardena)
  • Anglers Tackle (Vista)

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Check out this video to learn how to rig flying fish for bluefin tuna!