“ Ya’ll know me, know how I earn a livin. I’ll catch that bird for ya, but it ain’t going to be easy!”

Welcome to BD’s Ten Days of Sharks, our tribute to these powerful, toothy predators. We are going to bring you ten days of all things shark.

bds ten days sharks

Feast your eyes on our interviews, amazing videos, rigging tips, Fishing Chicks and much more. We have reached out to a wide array of professional fishing captains, TV fishing show personalities, Fishin Chicks, marine artists, BD members and the BD team itself. They will all tell us their most memorable Shark Encounter, as well as other shark memories.

The mystique of the shark is real and somewhat unexplainable, but nothing brings this phenomenon to life like video. We have gathered far and wide for the best shark videos around. Many we have filmed ourselves on our fishing adventures around the globe.

So “Keep that chum line going Chief” and “Get yourself a bigger boat” because BD’s Ten Days of Sharks starts NOW!

Join us in our Ten Days of Sharks Forum and see what’s happening.

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bds ten days sharks


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bds ten days sharks

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