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Baja Bytes Weekly Overview 04/28/17

Que Pasa

Published on Apr 25, 2017.

While in Spanish, the video graphically depicts the work taking place on the final section of unpaved highway.

Dynamiting hills and moving tons of stone have been part of the work done in the last 31 kilometers of the San Luis Gonzaga-Laguna Chapala Road, which is the last stretch of the work that is missing to connect Mexicali with the Trans-peninsular Highway linking the southern part of the state with Baja Bytes California Sur.

Baja Norte

Coronado Islands . . . Grumpy weather continues until Sunday…

La Salina

Baja Bytes Weekly Overview SeaBass - baja bytes weekFished La Salina with old buddies, Derek (Yellowklr) and Victor (Campos Fishing), last Saturday on Derek’s Proline. Killer weather, good fishing, cold beer and great times with friends.

Fishing was slow by La Salina standards but Capt D kept at it until he found the fish. Lings bit mostly on the swimbait but the biggest came on a flat-fall. Reds bit jigs and squid. …Bob Rehfuss



Rock fish Baja Byte - baja bytes week

Rock fish seem to be the best choice these days…Sammy Sussery

San Quintin

Cold, off-color water and few fish for the fewer anglers visiting.

The Upper Sea of Cortez

Bahia de Los Angeles . . . No report.

Baja Sur


Sea View from top - baja bytes weekNo fish report…Ross Zoerhof, a new Facebook friend shared this incredible drone shot at 1,500 ft.

La Bocana No report. Abreojos No report.

Sea View hotel - baja bytes weekLoreto

Yellowtail only tournament - baja bytes weekApril 2017 in Loreto for a Yellowtail only tournament. We had good weather and great fishing. The Yellowtail were biting but skinny and spawned out. There are way too many trigger fish in the Sea of Cortez right now and it makes fishing with Mackerel or bait very difficult. Luckily I picked up some of the new Pacific Lures at the Fred Hall Show this year and a few of the patterns really worked well while we had them. We lost one on the bottom, 2 more to sharks and one to a big Yellowtail. I wish I would have brought more! La Mision put on a great tournament that was very well organized and I am really glad I made the trip down there for it…Chris Wheaton

It’s sure looking like this summer will be more like the hot bite days of a few years ago. Flying fish and sargasso in the current lines are a welcome sight — not to mention the water temperatures running between 74 and 76 in most of the action areas.

The pace of traditional bottom fishing for yellowtail has slacked off with the end of last week showing lots of skunked trips. This week’s best results were happening with a solid bite on good-sized cabrilla with some big fish landed at

Coronado cabrilla caught - baja bytes week

Captain Lionel showing off two nice Coronado cabrilla caught off “white rock” on the mackerel trick. He also landed a medium-sized yellowtail with the same method, same spot.

Coronado Island.
Last week we were dragging hard-bait for cabrilla and coming up with no biters.

The action at Coronado was along the same coastlines but instead of lures they were caught with live mackerel. The trick turned out to be slow trolling the mackerel behind an 8-ounce sinker, almost like downrigger-style!
Coronado has also been the ‘go to’ place for catching bait. For some unknown reason, the bait spots down south off Danzante Island are barren.
Another yellowtail tournament this weekend will top-off one Baja off-road race and one 100 kilometer three-part running race also Baja style…Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

Magdalena Bay
Puerto López Mateos

 good-sized grouper - baja bytes weekCaptain Saul Logan, Lopez Mateos, landed this good-sized grouper on a recent trip in the Esteros and outside the Boca.



In La Paz

Yellowtail Fish - baja bytes weekJeff Killian from Portland shows off his first yellowtail on the beach last Bahia de los Muertos near Las Arenas. He was fishing with Tailhunter Sportfishing and took the yellow on a live mackerel…Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International


Efren releases a small but colorful dorado recently at Las Arenas…Gary Bulla

Down at East Cape,

The stripers were missing until this week but at last, they are showing up.

striped marlin fishing - baja bytes weekThis time of year is normally very good striped marlin fishing, so the arrival of fish has plugged a big hole in the fishing calendar. Most of the marlin were taken off the La Ribera Bank with a good mix of lures and bait…John Ireland

caught and released one of many jacks - baja bytes weekFred Brune caught and released one of many jacks he and Felipe found feeding close to shore…Hotel Buenavista Beach Resort.

12- 15 pound fish - baja bytes weekNight fishing was off the chain with lots of action. Right in front of the house we rented, the water was 12- to 15-feet deep for quite a ways out – the bottom had medium-sized boulders . . . perfect for feeding fish. Quite a few new fish (to me) were caught; rays, a new odd-looking Moray, and something that kinda’ looked like a snapper crossed with a black drum; mostly caught snappers though…Gabe

Puerto Los Cabos

Moderate crowds now that spring break has passed. This week the annual event of the Norra 1000 Off-road Rally Race celebrated their 50th anniversary of running, arrived at their final destination of San Jose del Cabo on Thursday afternoon after five action-packed stages, starting last Sunday from Ensenada; this was a fun event for everyone involved.

Weather patterns are feeling more like summer in recent days, though early in the week there was some heavy fog marine layer to deal with for offshore operators; also later in the week there were swirling gusty winds pushing in from the Pacific Ocean. Water temperatures have been varied from up to 76 degree in the direction towards Vinorama and as chilly as 66 degrees on the Pacific — still definitely in the midst of transition period.

Last week the main high light for fishing action was the yellowfin tuna, which were striking on sardina from the Iman to San Luis Banks. Now that action has slowed, problems with jack crevalle moving in, to many skipjack. Wind chop picked up early and at times lots of yellowfin were seen, but were finicky, also diminishing supplies of sardina. Still there was a chance at catching a couple of tuna in the 20- to 40-pound class, though very spotty in recent days.

Snapper bite faded out, lack of red crab for bait — a few cabrilla, amberjack, pompano, bonito and triggerfish were accounted for off the bottom, using yo-yo jigs and various available bait . . . had to work hard for a handful of fish.

Once again, we do expect this lull in activity to pick up soon as we get more consistent warmer weather conditions. This time of year can typically be like this, changing quickly, what is hot and what is not… Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas,

Cabo San Lucas

Striped marlin bite has improved offshore of Palmilla, in the vicinity of the 1150 Spot, some 15-plus miles offshore.

Many charters were reporting multiple chances for marlin, while trolling lures and rigged ballyhoo; there was a lack of live bait to help offshore now, no caballito. Seasonal moonfish and mullet schools should begin to appear in the marina area soon. No dorado or wahoo reported, though if weather does stabilize soon and more warm water pushes back in, anything could happen.

Small tuna is closer, however recent winds produced rougher than normal conditions for traveling to the spot.

Wahoo are remarkably still on the catch list, marking the fourth month in a row they have remained consistent — biting best on Rapalas.

Closer to shore the roosters and jacks are thick and the sierra are farther up the Pacific side off the lighthouse.

Then there are the grouper and snapper in the bottom fishing column. They are not only fun to catch but great to eat.

Cabo Climate: Daytime weather averaged 76.7 degrees with nights at 64.1. Humidity ratio averaged 71.1%. Monday and Tuesday were partly cloudy then all sunshine for the remainder of the week with nothing more than a passing cloud here and there.

Sea Conditions: Surface breezes flowing mostly from the westerly direction and averaged 14.5 mph daily. Water temps on the Pacific side, from Finger Bank down across the Golden Gate and the Jamie Bank, all at 69- to 70- degrees but cooler in closer to the shore at 63- to 64 degrees. Cabo San Lucas and up to the Gorda Banks and close in to shore all at 76 and 77 degrees. Above the Gorda Banks and into the Sea of Cortez were all at 78 and 79 degrees.

Best Fishing Area: The 1150 Fathom Spot and Palmilla produced the better billfish bite.

Best Lure or bait: Rigged and live bait were best for the billfish.

Bait Supply: The live caballito supply remains very good at the $3.00 per bait rate…Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters.