Earthquake Relief for Ecuador

earthquake reliefFellow Anglers,

It is very sad and painful to follow the situation in Ecuador after Saturday’s 7.8 Earthquake that literally shook and destroyed much of the infrastructure throughout the Northwest coast. The damage is much greater than the official number registered and most friends and family of everyone who makes part of Ecuagringo/Ecuador has friends or families affected, dead, injured or homes lost.

The destruction is much greater than the news will lead you to believe and friends in several of the towns have reported dead, unaccounted for and injured in the hundreds and some cases thousands.

If you want to contribute or donate canned foods, bug repellent, clothes, water, medicine, first aid kits, mattresses or anything that could help the people in need please forward or contact in the USA:

Phone: 305-436-0834

7061 NW 87th Ave Miami, FL 33178

Provex INC is a private freight forwarding company that is accepting donations in their warehouse for approximately the following two weeks. They are footing the bill to ship by plane, courier and container as much as they can.

Everyone here at Ecuagringo appreciates your help in such as time of natural disaster and need.

We are sure the people of Ecuador will greatly benefit from your generosity.

Thank you for you support