17 Ways You Know You’re a SoCal Fisherman

SoCal Fisherman – Socal Badfish

SoCal Slang

Every location has its own local flavor and lingo. Here are a few ways to tell that you call SoCal your home fishing grounds.

#1 You throw top water jigs at everything.

#2 You wear dark colored rubber deck boots, even when it’s 90F outside.





#3 You wear flat brimmed hats thinking it looks good.

#4 You don’t know how to make your own bait.

#5 The word deadhead and pinhead is in your vocabulary.

#6 You know how to tie a San Diego knot.

SoCal Fisherman

#7 You’ve had yellowtail fever.

#8 You’ve name dropped a sport boat captains name.

#9 You’ve bought a Mexican fishing license.

SoCal Fisherman

#10 You’ve been booted out of San Clemente by the US Navy.

#11 You’ve lost a fish to a sea lion.

SoCal Fisherman

#12 You know what a ghost is.

#13 You’ve said Whaaaaaaasssssupppppppp on channel 72.

#14 Hurricanes get you excited.

SoCal Fisherman

#15 You’ve fallen for rumors of albacore.

#16 El Niño…nuff said!

#17 Croc footwear is not allowed your boat.