Fishing Spinnerbaits For Calicos With Capt. Benny Florentino

Captain Benny Florentino of Coastal Charters explains how to catch calicos with a spinnerbait. Either fishing structure, or overlay kelp, using a spinnerbait is one of the many lures you can fish to catch calico bass.


The spinnerbait closely resembles baitfish that calicos love to prey on and the spinner blades imitate the flash of small baitfish too.


“I’m using AFTCO’s new SAIKO Pro fluorocarbon leader in 30# and a 1-ounce Warbait HD spinnerbait,” said Capt. Benny.  “Throwing it with a Shimano Tranx 200 and 50# Maxquatro braid from Powerpro, I find this is the perfect light-line set up for calicos.”

Gear List

  • Shimano Teramar Inshore rod
  • Tranx 200
  • 30# fluorocarbon Saiko Pro leader line
  • 1 oz spinnerbait from Warbaits

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