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Rubber Band Wrap For Leader Storage

Fishing Leader Storage with a Rubber Band

Fishing leader storage can be a pain, especially when you have lots of loose coils of mono that snag on hooks and come undone. When rigging or storing trolling rigs with heavier mono leaders, I like to use black rubber bands (they don’t get gummy) to secure the coils and keep things organized. Regular bands will work for daily fishing, but I don’t recommend storing rigs with them as they get sticky with age, ruining the leader and making a mess.

First I use the “round the hand” wrap to coil the leader in a uniform size. Take the rig and lay the hook/lure end against your wrist. Then wrap the leader around your hand as demonstrated in the photo. This will ensure even coils.

Next hold the coils and pass the rubber band over the tag end.

fishing leader storage rubber band trick

Now wrap the band around the leader coils, using up most but not all of the slack in the rubber band.

fishing leader storage with a rubber band

Take the end of the band and stretch it out and pass over the tag end again.

store trolling lure leaders with a rubber band

This will not come undone, but is easy to reverse when the time comes. We use this for lures and for baits which keeps the bait cooler organized as well as your staged lures.

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