Women Fishing

Fishin Chick – Amanda Perryman

The BD team just had the pleasure of fishing with Amanda Perryman and we are proud to introduce her as a BD Fishin Chick.

Q:Where do you call home?

A:I live in Ormond Beach, Florida and love it!

Q:What do you do for a living?

A:I’m the Fishing Community Manager for Costa Sunglasses – it’s my dream job! The fishing industry is full of incredible and inspiring people and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

Q:Who got you started in fishing?

A:I am very blessed to have a father who wanted to share his passion for fishing with his son and daughter equally. He has taught me so much about fishing and the outdoors, but most importantly, he showed me that females are just as capable as males. He was always careful to instill my brother and me with a respect for the ocean and the wildlife within it. In college, instead of going on a spring break trip with my friends, my dad and I would go on a fishing trip…..just the two of us. We fished for bonefish in Andros, sailfish in Costa Rica and Guatemala and permit in Belize. Those experiences are something that I’ll always cherish.

Q:How long have you been fishing?

A:I was hooked on fishing as soon as I could hold a rod and swimming before I could walk. My family spent lots of time on the water where my passion for fishing grew into the obsession it is today. The ocean was my playground and I was driven to explore everything both above and below the surface.

Q:Tell us about any other hobbies you have.

A:I really enjoy hunting of many types including bow hunting, deer, hog, turkey, waterfowl, wing shooting and alligators.

I also love to dive for lobster and spearfish. Really I like any kind of boating, surfing, paddle boarding and wakeboarding. Just time spent on the water and or in the woods. I’m also a Gator football fan.

Q:What are some highlights of your fishing experience and where did they take place?

A:I have made a ton of progress on my fishing bucket list. Somehow though, I think that for every accomplishment I check off, I add another two to the list. I’m not sure there will ever be an end to it! I have been very fortunate to fish in a wide variety of top fishing spots. Of course I fish inshore and offshore in Florida, including the Keys. We use both conventional and fly tackle for redfish, snook, trout, flounder, snapper, grouper, sharks, tarpon, sailfish, wahoo, dolphin etc.

I’ve cast a fly throughout the Bahamas chasing bonefish in the Abacos, Grand Bahamas, Deep Water Cay, North and South Andros, Crooked Island and Bimini. We also fished for blue marlin and spearfished while in Crooked Island. On a trip to the Yucatan, Mexico I checked off my first white marlin, atlantic sailfish, and tarpon on fly. We also caught permit, dorado and a ton of bonefish. It was an incredible trip.

My Dad took me to Guatemala and Costa Rica. Just the two of us caught 127 sailfish in three days in Guatemala. Twenty-nine of those were on fly. We have great memories there.

Fly-fishing for permit in Belize, trout in Colorado and Montana were great, but my favorite was learning to spay cast for salmon in Ireland. It is one of the most beautiful and graceful techniques out there.

I got to do some bass fishing in Texas and Michigan and offshore fishing the oil rigs in the Gulf out of Venice, Louisiana.

My current obsession is Bluefin tuna. I just returned from Prince Edward Island where I caught several Bluefin up to 900 pounds with Tony’s Tuna Fishing. Now I want to get one myself in Cat Cay, Bahamas.

Q:Can you pick a favorite kind of fishing so far?

A:That is an impossible question! I love it all! I guess my favorite species is whatever I’m fishing for at the moment. I love innovating and learning new techniques.

Fly-fishing is usually my technique of choice. It kind of makes you feel like you’re dancing with the fish rather than muscling them in. It’s such a beautiful sport!

Q:What are your future goals or plans pertaining to fishing?

A:As I mentioned before, the list is endless. There is so much to learn, so many places to go and so much see. There are some fish that I am still after on fly: a big tarpon, steelhead, grand trevally, and a monster permit. Then there are the offshore species that I’ve yet to check off: black marlin, spearfish, striped marlin, swordfish and a bluefin tuna in Cat Cay, Bahamas.

Q:Please tell us some of your most vivid memories of fishing.

A:One of my most incredible experiences was seeing the legendary Bluefin of Cat Cay and witnessing someone catch and release one of those giants. I wasn’t even the one on the rod. There’s so much rich history in that fishery and so few people get to experience it today. The sight of one of those giants swimming in crystal clear, turquois water down Tuna Alley has me captivated.

Q:What parts of fishing give you deep satisfaction?

A:I love sharing the sport with others. Teaching someone the skills needed to catch the fish they are after brings a great sense of pride. The most fulfilling aspect of my fishing experience is that I have been able to incorporate my passion for fishing into an occupation. My dad always encouraged me to do what I love and I’ve certainly accomplished that.

Q:What aspect of fishing do you like the most?

A:Fishing is all about the experience of being on the water; the smells, the sounds, the incredible things you see, the whole package. The experience of fishing is way more powerful than crossing another species off the list.

It’s about the adventure, the destination and sharing the experience with the people you are with. That’s the magic in fishing. No two experiences are ever the same.

BD thanks Amanda for her thoughts and memories of some amazing fishing.