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BD Book Review | Fishing Book A Hard Way to Make an Easy Living

“A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.” We’ve all heard that adage before, but what happens when fishing is your work and bad days are just plain bad?

In the new book “A Hard Way to Make an Easy Living,” author and career fisherman Corky Decker offers a compelling and sometimes unsettling look into the life of a fisherman.

Decker’s career is unlike many sportfishing captains in that he has fished both commercially and recreationally. From his start as a young boy growing up in Ogunquit, Maine, Decker became infatuated with fish and the ocean. He started working for tips on party boats and soon graduated to commercial trawlers. He even spent time harpooning giant bluefin tuna on the East Coast.

In 1985, at the age of 22, Decker quit college and made his way to Alaska. He walked the docks in search of work and soon found himself working his way up through the ranks. He recounts his struggles and successes in various fisheries, culminating in his job as the captain to a multi-million dollar factory trawler on the Bering Sea. Eventually, the economics of fishing gets the best of Decker. A federal lawsuit changed his life, as it did for many commercial fishermen at the time, and his commercial fishing career came to a screeching halt.

Decker paints an interesting picture about fishing for money. One that will open any reader’s eyes to the dangers involved with the lifestyle and what makes fishing such a romantic occupation.

Decker does a great job describing all of the charters he has met along the way. He’s also completely honest about how commercial fishing works and isn’t afraid to talk about both the good and the bad of fishing. His writing is down-to-earth and fun to read and he has a warm tone of voice that you can’t help but enjoy.

To purchase a copy of A Hard Way to Make an Easy Living, visit corkydecker.com.