Skipjack 262 Fishing Boat

The Skipjack 262 is best summed up as unique, because few — if any — modern fishing machines can match what this boat has to offer. Fly bridge boats in the 26-foot range are few and far between, but the Skipjack 262 has a bridge with seating for two up top, plus a full cabin down below. With a beam of 8’6” it’s also far easier to trailer a 262 than any other fly bridge boat. And there certainly aren’t many boats in this class that can boast of having a diesel in the engine compartment. 

Critical Fishing Features 

  • Optional Offshore OS50 50-gallon bait tank 
  • Custom optional rod holder, rocket launcher, and tackle stowage arrangements 
  • 64 square-foot flush cockpit 
  • Cockpit coaming bolsters 
  • In-deck fish box 

Angling Advantages 

  • Captain has the visual advantages of running the boat from an elevated flying bridge. 
  • Full cabin with sleeping accommodations for four, a stand-up head, and a galley means that long-range fishing voyages are in your future. 
  • Diesel power plus a 170-gallon fuel tank, plus another optional 30 gallons, plus the fact that you can trailer the boat to distant ports, means that very few fishing grounds will be out of range. 
  • A custom rod holder/rocket launcher arrangement allows you to have the boat rigged to fit the type of fishing you most enjoy. In fact, most aspects of a Skipjack are custom so to a large degree you can have a 262 outfitted to your own personal needs. 

You want the combination of a fly bridge, trailering options, diesel power, and a full cabin — all in a 26-footer? If so, you probably just found your next boat. 

Learn More 

See the Skipjack 262 on video.