Freeman 42LR Fishing Boat

When you want to blast through an angry ocean at top speed, nothing provides a better ride than a well designed and built powercat, and the Freeman 42LR certainly fits that description. In fact, rigged with quad 350s the 42LR can cruise at a hat-stripping 55 mph and tops out at an eye-watering 71.6 mph. Just as shocking is how fuel efficient the boat is at these speeds, maintaining close to one mpg at cruise and never dropping below 0.5 mpg even at top speed. 

Critical Fishing Features 

  • 20 flush-mount stainless-steel rod holders 
  • Twin 50-gallon pressurized transom live wells 
  • Twin 128-gallon coffin boxes 
  • Coffin box rod racks 
  • Fresh and raw water wash-downs 
  • 125 gallon in-deck fish box 
  • Port and starboard tackle stations 
  • 185-quart cooler 
  • Twin 70-gallon in-deck boxes w/optional live well plumbing 

Angling Advantages 

  • If you want to go fishing come hell or high water, there’s no boat in this size range more competent and able to handle serious sea conditions. 
  • The power cat design brings the boat’s full beam all the way forward, which doubles the useable bow deck fishing space. 
  • With 800 gallons of fuel capacity there’s literally no fishing grounds that will be off-limits, because you’ll enjoy over 600 miles of range running at 55 mph and that’s allowing for a 10-percent fuel reserve. 
  • Draft is just two feet, which means the 42LR can run through much shallower waterways than many boats of its size. 

Did we mention that top-end was over 70-mph??? If you want to own the biggest, baddest cat in town… 

Learn More 

See the Freeman 42LR on video.