Defiance Admiral 270 Fishing Boat

The Admiral 270 sits near the larger end of Defiance’s line, topped only by the Guadalupe 290, and is actually a bigger boat than its model designation would lead one to think. Including the bracket and engines it’s actually 31’6” long, and combined with a generous 9’10” beam, this is quite a roomy boat for its size. 

Critical Fishing Features 

  • Three insulated integrated fish boxes 
  • Hardtop rocket launchers for up to 15 rods 
  • Huge open cockpit with or without stainless-steel rails 
  • Coaming bolsters 
  • Raw water wash-down 

Angling Advantages 

  • Thanks to an aft steering station, the captain can operate the boat from the cockpit to tweak drift patterns or modify course while trolling. Of course, the aft station also comes in handy when docking. 
  • The bow rail Defiance fits this boat out with is extremely tall. That makes walking forward to the bow safer and easier than the norm, and fishing from the bow far more comfortable. 
  • Full Alaskan bulkhead aft means this is truly an all-weather fishing boat. 

Those in search of a pilothouse style boat that provides full protection from the weather, maximum cockpit space, and a traditional build will want to pay serious attention to the Admiral 270. 

Learn More 

See the Defiance Admiral 270 EX on video.