Women Fishing

Rosemary White Canadian Fishin Chick in Florida

We would like to introduce BD Fishin’ Chick Rosemary White.

Rosemary White largemouth bass fishing

BD: Where do you live?

Rosemary White: I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. I moved to Florida with my family in 1994, and I have lived in St. Pete/Clearwater for over 20 years.

Rosemary White womens fishing

BD: What is you occupation?

Rosemary White: My principal occupation, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is being the mother and father to 2 boys, ages 13 and 12. I take this job very seriously, and pride myself on doing this job very well.

My second occupation is the Office Director/Administrator for a Design/Build Contracting firm in Clearwater. I am the only woman in the company, and I do enjoy all aspects of both Commercial and Residential Construction. It delivers great satisfaction to take someone’s dreams and turn them into a reality.

Rosemary White ladies fishing

BD: What are your other hobbies?

Rosemary White: I love anything outdoors! Camping, hunting, travelling, scalloping, and diving for lobster, just to name a few. I also enjoy the simple things like cooking my own catch and eating it, movies, working out, home improvements and dining out with family and friends.

Rosemary White seatrout fishin chick

BD: Who or what got you into fishing?

Rosemary White: I owe my love of the outdoors to my father. Our first camping trip occurred when I was 6 months old, and continued throughout my childhood. I have literally camped my entire life. When I had children of my own it was very important to me that I instill the values of being good environmental stewards. Camping in such areas as the beautiful Port of Goderich on the shore of Lake Huron, and the epic Niagara Falls has instilled a strong and respectful love of the water, and nature in and of itself.

Rosemary White

BD: How long have you been fishing?

Rosemary White: As a child I fished in small rivers and lakes. When I moved to Florida it brought fishing to a whole new level! I have been fishing for 20 plus years and it never gets old and I cannot get enough!

Rosemary White fishing chick

BD: What types of fishing have you done and where?

Rosemary White: I enjoy all types of fishing. One cannot be compared to the other. I love the thrill of a big bucket mouth in Florida’s freshwater, Peacocks in Miami’s canals, Gags in my own backyard Clearwater, and Mahi in the stunning Florida Keys!

Fish I have caught to date include: Gag Grouper, Black Grouper, Red Grouper, Goliath Grouper, Red Snapper, Lane Snapper, Yellow Tail Snapper, Grunt, Mutton Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, Vermillion Snapper, King Mackeral, Cero Mackeral, Spanish Mackeral, Queen Triggerfish, Hogfish, Cobia, Largemouth Bass, Sunshine Bass, Peacock Bass, Jaguar Guapote, Spotted Sea Trout Trout, Silver Trout, Redfish, Mahi, Spinner Shark, Lemon Shark, Bull Shark, Tarpon, Black Tip Shark, Common Snook, Fat Snook, Sheepshead, Porgy, Pompano, Mayan Cichild, Bluegill, Florida Longnose Gar, Jack Crevalle, Greater Amberjack, Lesser Amberjack, Almaco Jack, Gulf Flounder, Barracuda, Bonita, Black Sea Bass, Stumpknocker, Bowfin, Northern Snakehead and Blue Runner.

Rosemary White snook fishing

BD: What is your favorite kind of fishing so far?

Rosemary White: All fishing is my favorite!!!! It does not matter what kind; fishing is fishing.

Rosemary White bass fishing

BD: What are some future goals or plans pertaining to fishing?

Rosemary White: Future goals include travelling to exotic locales in search of fish! Costa Rica for Rooster Fish, Australia for Barramundi, Alaska for Salmon, and South America for Golden Dorado and giant Peacock’s just to name a few.

Rosemary White fishing chicks

BD: What aspect of fishing do you like the most?

Rosemary White: The most enjoyable aspect of fishing for me is catching a magnificent creature and then releasing it! The thrill of bringing up something unknown from the depths is an incredible fight and feeling to say the least. Being one with the fish as you feel it’s every move from you rod is an experience unlike any other.

Rosemary White parrotfish

BD: List some of your proudest moments in fishing?

Rosemary White: All of the time I spend fishing is a “proud moment” for me. If I don’t catch anything, it still teaches technique, and new skills. I am very proud that my children have the same love of fishing that I do. Our very best memories as a family have been when we are fishing. I hope that my children will tell the many stories we have shared together as they have grown up with their future children.

Rosemary White redfish

BD: What other aspects of you would you like to tell our readers?

Rosemary White: Some other aspects I would like to portray is that being a serious angler does not mean posing in a bikini with a fish someone else has caught. It seems now that every girl/woman is an angler, however this is not the case. Girls, and women alike need to know that the sport can be done by women without them being half naked.

Yes it’s great to see a hot woman with a fish…however it’s even better to see a female angler who possesses skill, and a genuine love for the sport.