White Seabass

White Seabass

Genus and Species:

Atractoscion nobilis



Other Common Names:

Grey Ghost, Sea Biscuit, King Croaker

White Seabass Description:

The white seabass inhabits the eastern Pacific southward from Magdalena Bay, Mexico to Northern California with some northward exceptions during the El Nino. The white seabass is categorized as a “weakfish”. They have a slim narrow body until its big jaw and head size. When the white seabass is young it will have dark vertical bars on its flanks. When the fish matures these colorations start to disappear leaving the white shiny undertone to take over. Larger white seabass can grow up to 5-feet and weigh over 90-pounds. These fish are often found near shore over sandy bottom or around kelp beds. They may also be found in shallow surf or deeper waters. Because these fish feed on smaller baitfish and squid, they can be caught on live bait and jigs. The white seabass is mainly fished for by sport fishermen and a prized game fish.