Genus and Species:

Xiphias gladius



Other Common Names:

Elvis, Spear nose

Swordfish Description:

Different from the other billfish, the swordfish has a flattened and elongated bill, a single high dorsal fin, and a distinct keel on the side of the tail. Swords are soft-skinned, large-eyed fish accustomed to feeding at great depths in the day and near the surface at night. Swordfish are found in temperate and tropical oceans in offshore waters from the surface to depths up to 2,000 feet. Swordfish are known to grow to enormous lengths and reach weights of up to 1,000-pounds. The average size for these fish is 200-400-pounds. Swordfish are fished commercially and recreationally because of the popularity of their steak-like flesh. Swordfish are targeted by drifting baits at shallower depths at night or deep-dropping for them near the bottom during the daytime. The daytime fishery has exploded and is very successful in many regions.