Genus and Species:

Loligo opalescens



Other Common Names:

Market Squid

Squid Description:

The squid is a cephalopod and a member of the mollusks family. They can vary in color with their mood or for camouflage and have multiple arms with suckers for hunting and defense. They have a beak for a mouth and are efficient predators of small fish and crustaceans. They are known for their smarts as they have developed behaviors that seem very complex for their simple nervous system. Squid of many types live in a wide variety of habitats in saltwater from shallow seas to the great depths of the abyss. Furthermore, squid can grow to enormous lengths; measuring over 30-feet long. Squid are harvested regularly for their edibility and are a delicacy for many people. They are caught in nets and on lures. Squid is also a prime bait used live or as dead bait.