California Halibut

California Halibut

Genus and Species:

Paralichthys californicus



California Halibut Description:

The California halibut is a species native to the waters of the Pacific Coast of North America. This fish like other species of halibut likes to remain on the bottom. The California halibut can be found on nearshore reefs and likes to hide around structures. The halibut is a flatfish that is brown/tan with darker brown spots covering its body. The underbelly of the halibut is whiter in color. They tend to feed on small crustaceans and fish, so when fishing for this species it is beneficial to use small jigs or live bait. Unlike other halibut species, the California halibut is smaller in size. Typically these fish are caught at 6 to 30-pounds but can reach up to 60-pounds. The California halibut is prized as a food fish because it offers a delicate fillet with a buttery texture.