Barred Surf Perch

Barred Surfperch

Genus and Species:

Amphistichus argenteus



Barred Surfperch Description:

Barred surfperch are found along sandy beaches and near coastal rocks, piers, and jetties in California and Baja, Mexico. They’re most common in Southern California and northern Baja but range as far north as Bodega Bay and south to Bahia Magdalena. They primarily eat sand crabs and other invertebrates like worms, ghost shrimp, clams, and mussels. Barred surfperch have rounded, compressed bodies with pale silvery sides and several gold-colored vertical bars. They are small but feisty and fun to catch on light tackle, most commonly in the 5-10 inch range but with bigger “slabs” ranging up to over 16 inches long and weighing more than 4 lbs. Females give live birth to fully-developed young in late winter to late spring.