Barred Sand Bass

Barred Sand Bass

Genus and Species:

Paralabrax nebulifer



Other Common Names:

Sand Bass

Barred Sand Bass Description:

The barred sand bass is found in West coastal waters near Baja, California. It is a smaller species measuring no bigger than 2-feet. The body is elongated and compressed. It is gray/white in color with dark vertical bars and a white belly. It has a large mouth and a slightly protruding lower jaw. Its dorsal fin has one elongated spine that holds a toxin, this keeps this fish protected from larger aggressive species. Typically the barred sand bass will be found near rocks, reefs, and structures. It feeds on the smaller marine life such as baitfish, and crustaceans. These bass can be caught on lighter tackle, using live bait, lures, and jigs of all types.